Our history and advantages of working with our company.

Our company has been operating since April 2000, we manufacture a wide range of grinding tools under the Liner-Belt trademark.

The manufacturing process is fully regulated, and product quality is confirmed not only by domestic but also by European certificates. Our products have received well-deserved recognition among thousands of manufacturers that produce goods for the needs of domestic consumers, as well as manufacturers that export produced goods.

It is worth noting that in production a lot of attention is paid to the quality control system. Control begins with the procurement of raw materials and ends with rigorous quality control of finished products before their delivery to the consumer. That is why our customers are satisfied with the quality of products and continue to work with us from year to year.

Today, there are practically no industries which use the grinding process that does not make use of our company products. In particular, the products of the Korund Abrasive Tool Plant are actively and widely used in mechanical engineering, automotive industry, woodworking industry, textile and glass production, leather and shoe production, processing of stone products and so on.

The advantages of working with our company

Choosing the company with which you want to work, the first thing to do is to evaluate the advantages over competitors. Our company has a number of advantages over our competitors in this field of expertise, among which it is worth noting:
  • we know how to glue sanding belts. We receive a large amount of grinding material in rolls, but we make from it a tool of the size you need.
  • an individual approach to solving problems. So, for each tool, a certain type of abrasive material can be recommended, which will ensure its proper stability and durability.
  • fast order fulfillment - the production time of sanding belts is up to five days, and there is always material for their production due to storing a large stock in the warehouse, as well as the precise operation of the delivery system.
  • We work not only according to certain schemes, but are also ready to look for new ways to solve the tasks in order to satisfy the demands of our customers.
  • Our transport department ensures the delivery of goods to almost anywhere in the country, and works to make the delivery in the fastest time possible.
  • Before delivery, the grinding materials are packed in cardboard and polyethylene, which ensures their safety during transportation and guarantees you receive high quality goods.

Thus, the Korund Abrasive Tool Plant company offers its customers a very wide range of grinding products for stationary and manual grinding machines.

We always have grinding wheels available that can be used both for manual grinding and for installation on stationary grinding machines. In addition, our experts are always ready to assist in choosing the right option of abrasives specifically for your production.

Once again, we note that materials under the Liner-Belt trademark can be used for grinding almost any surface, while the quality of grinding will depend on the abrasive material and the type of belt seam installed on the grinder. Therefore, if you are unsure of which products should be chosen in your case, please feel free to contact our consultants for help.